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The Perfect Christmas Gift: 5 Stars

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Christianity Today gives A World Ablaze five deeply appreciated stars.

A New Top 5 List

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The Library Journal names A World Ablaze one of its Top 5 Books in Religion and Spirituality for 2017.

Jacobs Vlucht Now Shortlisted, Hopes to Go Shorter

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The five-book shortlist for the Libris History Prize was announced today, and you’ll never guess what was on it. The big prize will be announced on October 29, on a live radio show.

Jacobs Vlucht Longlisted for Libris History Prize

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Trust me, the Dutch article buy Lyrica australia says that Jacobs Vlucht is one of ten books nominated for this year’s Libris History Prize, the biggest history prize in the Netherlands, given to books meant for (Dutch-reading) general audiences. The short list of 5 will be announced in mid-September.

WBTA More Than Just Another Funny Face, Says This Guy

cheap Lyrica australia

A new review of WBTA by Mike Debowski explains why the book made an even bigger impression on him than his funny book about cats did. Seriously, it’s a thoughtful and nicely-written review, if I might say so myself, and you can read it buy Lyrica online australia

A New Review in Christian Century

can you buy Lyrica at walmart

The most detailed review yet of WBTA appeared last week in the venerable (founded 1884) “progressive, ecumenical magazine based in Chicago” called The Christian Century, which is dedicated to exploring “what it means to believe and live out the Christian faith in our time.” Including when it doesn’t all go the way you supposed!

Possibly the First Ever Infographic on a Tie

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Infographics are all the rage in publishing, but I think slapping one on a tie, like this one does, might be a first. I’m not sure how much traditional “information” as we think of it (as in ice cold facts and figures) is included, but it sums up the story of my particular book (and maybe the stories of plenty of others) pretty well. And the guy(s) totally look(s) like me, of course. buy me a boat lyrics

Kirkus Reviews WBTA

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The takeaway lines being, in case you miss them, “A fine mix of pathos and hilarity…. An unvarnished, mostly bewildered and touchingly human memoir.” I especially like the “mostly bewildered” part. cheap Lyrica canada

The First Official Review, From Publishers Weekly

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The first official review of WBTA is in, and it bestowed a gold star, right on the forehead. Yes, that’s what Publishers Weekly gives to books that were quiet during class and did all their work and that the teacher liked. Okay, it’s actually a red star. Still. cheap date lyrics