Craig Harline (har-LEEN) writes and teaches especially about religious life in western Europe during the Reformation, but he is interested in religion of all shapes and sizes and times. His courses include the History of Christianity, the Reformation, and seminars on such topics as Miracles, Tolerance, Cultural Change, and the Missionary Tradition. Thanks to grants from assorted agencies and his own university (Brigham Young University), he researches and writes just about every summer in archives and libraries of Belgium, the Netherlands, France, England, and Sweden, resulting in books that are meant as much for general readers and students as scholars, and that try to make old history relevant to modern minds. He has lectured and been a visiting professor at numerous universities in the US and Europe, and his books have been featured on The Today ShowSunday Morning with Charles Osgood, National Public Radio, and dozens of radio and television programs in the US and western Europe.